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Our Services & What to Expect

We are an online Vacation Property Rental agency based in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. We represent for short and mid-term rental, a number of privately owned luxury villas and condos on the beautiful Riviera Maya. We are not a property management company or real estate agency.

Our responsibility to the owners of the properties we represent, is to find suitable renters for their property. In doing this we screen potential guests, execute rental agreements, collect payments on behalf of the owner and provide guests with the information they require to show up on the door step.

Our responsibility to the guest is to accurately as possible describe the property and the conditions that the owner is willing to rent under, then provide the information the guest needs to prepare for arrival at that property. We attempt to do this through visiting the properties, posting photos, writing descriptions, executing rental agreements and answering questions about the property that the guest might need to help them with their decision and preparation. Through the web site we provide guests with maps, guides to area attractions & services, answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and general information to assist guests with their vacation planning.

We do our best to list the amenities that are in place at a property and that the descriptions are as accurate as reasonably possible. However, you should be aware that decor, colors, inventories and amenities may change at the owner’s discretion and without notice. You should also be very aware that Vida Caribe Rentals has no control over the owners or the staff of the properties we represent as a rental agent. Vida Caribe Rentals cannot accept responsibility for the condition of the rental properties or problems arising there from. Your rental agreement is with an individual owner for a specific property. We cannot move you to another property or provide refunds if you are not satisfied with the property that you rented.

Internet Access

Most properties have wireless internet access, however in our area the internet may not be at the speed that you are used to back home. While the service is fairly reliable in general, we do have occasional outages, during which time we have to wait until the provider repairs it. The service provider do NOT offer the level of service that you might expect so there can be long delays in getting the service up again. For this reason owners cannot guarantee the availability of the internet service during your stay. Please note that there will be NO refund or rate adjustment for the lack of internet service during your stay.

Unforeseen Issues

Most owners and staff are committed to ensuring that their property is in good working order with all amenities in place. The owners or their Administrator/Manager should be available to handle questions, complaints and supervise maintenance. In case of a maintenance problem, the owners or their Administrator/Manager should strive to have the problem repaired as soon as possible after being notified. However, please be very aware that you will be visiting a developing country where not very far behind the facade of beautiful villas, luxury condominiums and fancy resorts, is a country with a  culture likely different than your own, significant infrastructure weaknesses and an inadequate supply of quality trades people and parts. Therefore, while normally there are no problems, there very well could be and the time to repair it may not be what you would expect. For example on various occasions over the years we have seen elevator failures which at best has taken days to repair and at worse weeks. 

Please consider very carefully before making a reservation that NO REFUND, or RATE ADJUSTMENT shall be made for unforeseen failures such as the supply of electricity, water, pool filtration systems, air conditioning, telephone, internet, television or satellite service, appliances, etc. No refund or rate adjustment shall be made for any disturbance outside of the control of the property owner or his staff, such as construction at nearby properties or noisy parties at other villas, condos or hotels. Your agreement is for a specific property that is privately owned. We cannot move you to another property if you have a problem or complaint with the property you have rented.  No shows, late arrivals, reductions in the number of guests, and early departures are all non-refundable.

Staff & Services

The level of personal service at each property can vary greatly so if you are looking for a high level of pampering and personal attention please let us know so that we can direct you to the right property. At a minimum, each property owner has an Administrator or Management company employed directly by them to manage the property and handle guest concerns while on the property should they arise. These are the people you will deal with after you arrive. Quite often they are not dedicated to one individual property but may manage/administrate a number of properties. We will provide you with contact information for the Administrator/Manager just prior to arrival. Many, but not all of the property owners will either have their Administrator/Manager stop by to provide a short orientation about the property, or they will have a book with information about their home and area to help you settle in. At some of the more expensive properties there will be a House Manager who is quite dedicated to ensuring your personal needs are taken care of.
All properties have large bottles of purified drinking water included in the rates. All properties provide at a minimum linens, bath towels, beach towels, and hand soap.

Villa Rentals

All of the villas are staffed. Please note though if you have rented private villas in other parts of the world or even Mexico, you may find the standard of service different so if you have any questions or concerns please ask.

Each villa rental includes a maid or cleaning service provided Monday through Saturday. While in some cases the maid might live in a small house ‘casita’ on the property, they are not expected to function as servants, chase after you picking up, baby sit your children, provide snacks & meals, mix your drinks, do your laundry or wash your dishes (although some will do some of these things for an additional fee). If you are wanting these extra services let us know before making the booking and we will see if available and if so at what price.

None of the villas have laundry machines available for guest use. In some cases the maid will do guest laundry for an additional fee. If this service is available, it will be noted under the amenities. Many villas do not have daily towel or linen changes. In that case they are normally changed once or twice a week. If having daily changes is important to you, let us know before booking so we can help direct you to a property where this is possible.

A Mexican cook or chef is available at most villas. Each villa owner has made their own arrangements for this service. Some villas have cooks/chefs included in their rates. In this case it will be listed under the amenities. At many of the villas the maid will also prepare breakfasts and/or dinners for an additional fee. At some villas the services of a contract chef or Mexican cook is available. In nearly all cases the cook or chef will only be on site for the meal service.

Each villa rental will also have an individual who is responsible for gardening, pool cleaning and light maintenance. In some cases this person may be the husband of the maid and live in a casita on the property.

Condo Rentals

Nearly all of the condos are rented out on a ‘self-catering’ basis. This means that you need to be quite self-reliant. Housekeeping service is only provided at the end of your stay unless additional cleanings are otherwise offered or arranged. You are responsible for your own transportation, food purchase, cooking, dishwashing and laundry. At checkout you are expected to leave the condo tidy with dishes done and garbage thrown out. There is no concierge available unless specifically offered. However we here at Vida Caribe Rentals are able to assist you with organizing some of these things if given enough advance notice. Should you have a problem in the unit which you cannot sort out yourself, there is a property administrator or manager available to call who can assist you.

Each condo rental includes a cleaning at departure. Some condos have one or two mid-week cleanings included in the rental rate or additional cleaning available for an extra charge. See the amenity list of each individual property for details. Many of the condos have a washer and dryer available to the guests. If available it will be listed under the amenity list of the individual property.

The services of a contract chef is available through us at all condos subject to availability.