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About Us

April 26, 2021 by Vivian

After 21 years the founder of Brisa Caribe decided it was time to retire and hand over the reins to his second in command Desiree Langenberg. Desiree and her good friend Vivian de Regt grabbed this amazing opportunity and decided to partner up and join forces to create a more stellar product than they had seen offered in the Riviera Maya – and this was the birth of their partnership.

Because Brisa Caribe offered well appointed and equipped beachfront properties, it became a leader in the Vacation rental market in Puerto Aventuras in the Riviera Maya, so Desiree & Vivian determined that they wanted the past Brisa Caribe customers and new potential customers to continue to choose Brisa Caribe with their hard earned vacation dollars over any other competition in the area. They knew that renting a property sight unseen off the internet could be a daunting experience, especially with large amounts of money and international borders involved, so it was very important to know each of their Rental properties personally thereby offering a better client experience.

Their combined 40 years of experience living and working in the Riviera Maya in customer service industries has helped them learn some awesome, painful, yet valuable lessons and these experiences have galvanized their love in the direction of amazing customer service and satisfaction. By using their individual strengths and combining their knowledge, expertise, passion, and drive into one collaborative direction they decided to grow Brisa Caribe in the best way possible. With their feet on the ground, the right mindset, quality systems and a strong commitment to their customers needs, they feel they are headed in the right direction.

Brisa Caribe will continue in its past footsteps by being very selective about the properties that they represent and the people they choose to work with. They will continue to specialize in Oceanfront properties that are properly maintained and have good employees who understand the needs of vacationing guests and offer casual luxury and minimal hassles…however that said…. This is Mexico and it is a 3rd world country so we must be realistic and understand that many things are simply not predictable or controllable.

Desiree & Vivian like things simple and follow the saying that “more isn’t always better”, thereby they do not manage any of the properties, but do market them on the internet and will answer all questions up to the point of arrival.  After you arrive to your Vacation Rental you will deal with an employee or management company that has been chosen by the owner of the property.

Desiree & Vivian want Brisa Caribe guests, the owners of the properties and the owners staff working at each individual property to all be happy, by offering a level of service and local knowledge that may not be available elsewhere. This equates to Brisa Caribe guests receiving what you think you rented and the owner being satisfied that we are putting responsible guests in their homes who will respect the property, the rules the owners have laid out, as well as the staff working at their property.

Desiree & Vivian will always be looking for ways to improve their operations, by challenging themselves to innovate new procedures and always looking for ways to improve everything they do. Now, with all that has been said above, if Brisa Caribe is lucky enough to call you a customer, great!  But, if for whatever reason you don’t see anything that catches your eye, please walk away with this… We encourage you to leave the world better than you found it by thoughtfully choosing quality over quantity, less over more, lasting over “trending” and profound over popular.